Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to frequently asked questions about the Mini Calendar application. If you didn’t find yours - do not hesitate to contact us.

There is no notification center widget after the upgrade to macOS Big Sur

  • unfortunately, macOS Big Sur requires new format for widgets, so we’ll need to implement it from scratch in one of the next updates.
  • it is a known issue for Mini Calendar 1.5.6 under macOS 10.15.x, and happens when automatic dark mode is enabled. It was partially fixed in the version 1.5.7, and finally fixed in the version 1.5.8.

Week number is displayed incorrectly for the year 2021.

  • there are different ways of calculating which week is the first in a new year. In the Gregorian calendar, week number 1 is one with Jan, 1. However, in the ISO 8601 date calculations the first is the week with Jan, 4. For the year 2021 it starts at Jan, 4, leaving the first 3 days to the week 53 of the year 2020. If you need to override week numbering, please set the calendar to the ISO 8601/Gregorian at the “Language & Region” page of the macOS Preferences.

How can I run application in background, so it is not displayed via ⌘-Tab?

  • every application, which has the Dock icon, is displayed in ⌘-Tab app list. So just uncheck ‘Dock icon’ in the Mini Calendar preferences.

Is it possible to change the position of the Mini Calendar’s menu bar item?

  • yes, since macOS Sierra (10.12+) you may move menu bar elements with mouse, holding the ⌘ key.

Can I see more detailed daylight information, not only sundown/sunrise time?

  • just hold a mouse for a while on top of sunrise/sundown information. You’ll see detected location, and daylight time.

How can I open the built-in macOS Calendar for the specific date?

  • just double-click on that date or press Return button on keyboard if you prefer arrows to navigate between days, and Calendar will opened for you. Currently this doesn’t work for the on-Desktop calendar.

The shortcut key won’t get unassigned, but I don’t need it.

  • to unassign the shortcut key, please open the Preferences, and then click on [x] near the shortcut. You’ll see the label ‘Record shortcut’ then. Next step is to press ‘Done’ button, and shortcut will become unassigned.
    Note: in the version 1.5.6 there is a bug, which resets shortcut to the default one after changing another settings/restarting the application. This was fixed in the version 1.5.7.

I would like to start weeks on Monday/Sunday

  • currently (in the version 1.5.8) week start is set automatically as it is configured on your system. You can check it at System Preferences -> Language & Region page. We have a feature request to allow to override this, and it will be implemented in one of the upcoming updates.