Mini Calendar news - page 2


Version 1.5.0 with notification center widget is out!

Aside of new handy notification center widget, this version also adds the following features:

  • option to keep calendar always on top
  • option to display year in the menu bar
  • dismiss calendar with Esc key when active
  • bugfixes

Version 1.4.0 released

This version adds the following features:

  • option to hide both menu bar and Dock icons (however, then desktop calendar must be displayed)
  • option to show desktop calendar instead of popup via the keyboard shortcut.
  • option to change desktop calendar background color.
  • highlight the current date in the desktop calendar

Version 1.3.3 released

This version fixes again displaying of desktop calendar, which could happend when user initially downloaded version 1.3.0


Version 1.3.2 released.

Within this version we:

  • fixed problem with non-showing display calendar. Sorry for inconvenience!
  • updated French localisation (thanks Stéphane Moureaue)

Version 1.3.0 released

What’s new in this version:

  • open Apple Calendar on double-clicking on the date
  • option to hide menu bar icon
  • quick-select month and year
  • option to show the week numbers
  • fixed jump to the current date
  • option to show sunrise/sundown time
  • added keyboard navigation
  • French localisation (thanks Stéphane Moureaue)